Atlanta Race Riot: A journey through the city’s history

It was the turn of the twentieth century. Crowds gathered on the streets of downtown in fall. Tensions ran high as racial problems came to a boiling point, leading to the once blood soaked streets that we now use to guide our way through campus daily.

The 1906 Atlanta Race Riot marked an event in the past that changed the dynamics of racial relationships in the south, and the history of the riot a part of each students stomping ground in the university. Professor Cliff Kuhn led a walking tour of the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot, which took place from Sept. 22-24, to show the hidden historical gems that are right under our noses on campus.
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Community gathers to support the dream in annual King Parade

People pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by marching through the streets of Atlanta to encourage peace and unity. Photo by Thaddeus Morgan

Even the rain couldn’t stop the public from coming together for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade downtown, as a variety people with the same purpose marched down Auburn Ave. – to pay tribute to Dr. King.
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The Mediterranean meets downtown

Opened 14 years ago, Ali Baba's is located on Broad Street and serves a variety of Mediterranean inspired food items. Photo by Thaddeus Morgan

There are plenty of places that students can eat on Broad Street that can make your mouth water, but Ali Baba’s is the Ali Baba’s Turkish and Mediterranean Delights offer gyros, hummous, baklava and notable falafel for students to enjoy.

“We won best falafel in Atlanta for four years in a row,” Timothy Atenda, an employee at Ali Baba’s said. “If you want some of our best stuff you should try the Turkish food, but we have other things too, like Greek flavors and American flavors.”
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Eats on the Streets: ‘Rosas’ pizza pie takes the cake

Variety and authenticity is key to enjoying the experience of dining in at Rosa’s. Photo by GSU Signal

If you’re in the mood for fast food from a local burger joint in between classes, then Rosa’s Pizza isn’t for you. But if you want an authentic, quality slice with an assortment of toppings for a great price, then you’re at the right place. After 21 years, the restaurant still manages to deliver quality pizza in a speedy and efficient way.

Variety and authenticity is key to enjoying the experience of dining in at Rosa’s. Calzones, subs, sausage rolls and salads make up the dishes available to customers, but their pizza is what brings in the droves of customers during lunchtime. With large, New York style pizza slices, Rosa’s offers more than 15 toppings to mix and match to your liking, including all the basics such as mushrooms, sausage, anchovies and pepperoni.
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