Pure Wizdum: Student entrepreneur shares secret to success

In terms of finding and keeping a job, starting a business has never really been seen as the safest or reliable route for a person to take. When the unknown pressure of launching your own brand is added to the cost of living and the unstable job market, most people could give up on starting a business before they even begin, but it’s not impossible. Students throughout Georgia are thriving as entrepreneurs and their success can help other aspiring entrepreneurs as well.
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Community gathers to support the dream in annual King Parade

People pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by marching through the streets of Atlanta to encourage peace and unity. Photo by Thaddeus Morgan

Even the rain couldn’t stop the public from coming together for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade downtown, as a variety people with the same purpose marched down Auburn Ave. – to pay tribute to Dr. King.
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New board draws crowd

Members of the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists gathered to swear in the newly elected officers for the 2012-12 cycle and recognized the 2012 NABJ Ida B. Wells Award recipient on Jan. 14 at its monthly assembly

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Thelma Wyatt Moore began the meeting by swearing in the President and Vice Presidents, but not before explaining the significance of inaugurating these officers on Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend.
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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: One year later

Photo courtesy of Danny Ingram

“The military is now able today to take greater pride in their record on diversity and their mission, which is to defend our nation’s freedom.”

These are the words of Danny Ingram, one of the first soldiers discharged from the military under the law banning homosexual men and women from serving openly in the military, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The controversial law has been repealed for slightly over a year now, and the LGBT community has seen this as major progress in the long fight for equality of citizens regardless of their sexual orientation but reminds them that there is still a long way to go.
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MLK Day 2012

It was 26 years ago that Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was first recognized nationally as a federal holiday. Since the initial recognition of this once controversial holiday, the nation has made several strides towards the equality that King strived for. And with the unveiling of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial as the first memorial to an African-American in Washington D.C. last year, the nation is still paying tribute to King.

By getting a day off in memory of an icon, children, adults and the elderly alike are all given a chance to celebrate all that King accomplished during his lifetime. If you decide to pay homage to the Atlanta native this year, here are several activities that you can attend with family, friends or just on your own.
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Signal Spotlight: Jasmyn Wilkins

Sometimes the best things can be found in the most unlikely places. Finding money on the ground, a wedding ring hidden in a champagne glass or even a beauty queen on a college campus. Georgia State’s own Jasmyn Wilkins was crowned Miss Georgia 2012 and is on her way to representing our school and state in the Miss USA 2012 pageant this June.
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The Mediterranean meets downtown

Opened 14 years ago, Ali Baba's is located on Broad Street and serves a variety of Mediterranean inspired food items. Photo by Thaddeus Morgan

There are plenty of places that students can eat on Broad Street that can make your mouth water, but Ali Baba’s is the Ali Baba’s Turkish and Mediterranean Delights offer gyros, hummous, baklava and notable falafel for students to enjoy.

“We won best falafel in Atlanta for four years in a row,” Timothy Atenda, an employee at Ali Baba’s said. “If you want some of our best stuff you should try the Turkish food, but we have other things too, like Greek flavors and American flavors.”
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