Curiosity finds the cat

Many Atlantans abandon their comfy couch cushion and slippers to run out into the streets when they hear a drop has been made.

Georgia State Alumni, former studio art major and well-known artist, Catlanta, releases a sporadic statement about a “dropped” cat via social networks and sends eager, hopeful owners out in a scurry to find his hidden novelties.
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Community comes together through Inman Park Restaurant Week

Inman Park showed that it’s diverse in more than just one way with the wide variety of food offered during Inman Park Restaurant Week. Fourteen restaurants came together during the last week of March to offer meals made for tantalizing the taste buds of the community for a discounted price.
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AABJSC hosts first-ever week of events

The Atlanta Association of Black Journalists Student Consortium (AABJSC) offered a sliver platter of events made for students to dive into the week of Feb. 20 – 24. The student chapter made sure to cater to students in all different fields of journalism in their first-ever week long lineup of events, hosted on Georgia State University’s campus.
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Atlanta Race Riot: A journey through the city’s history

It was the turn of the twentieth century. Crowds gathered on the streets of downtown in fall. Tensions ran high as racial problems came to a boiling point, leading to the once blood soaked streets that we now use to guide our way through campus daily.

The 1906 Atlanta Race Riot marked an event in the past that changed the dynamics of racial relationships in the south, and the history of the riot a part of each students stomping ground in the university. Professor Cliff Kuhn led a walking tour of the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot, which took place from Sept. 22-24, to show the hidden historical gems that are right under our noses on campus.
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Pure Wizdum: Student entrepreneur shares secret to success

In terms of finding and keeping a job, starting a business has never really been seen as the safest or reliable route for a person to take. When the unknown pressure of launching your own brand is added to the cost of living and the unstable job market, most people could give up on starting a business before they even begin, but it’s not impossible. Students throughout Georgia are thriving as entrepreneurs and their success can help other aspiring entrepreneurs as well.
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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: One year later

Photo courtesy of Danny Ingram

“The military is now able today to take greater pride in their record on diversity and their mission, which is to defend our nation’s freedom.”

These are the words of Danny Ingram, one of the first soldiers discharged from the military under the law banning homosexual men and women from serving openly in the military, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The controversial law has been repealed for slightly over a year now, and the LGBT community has seen this as major progress in the long fight for equality of citizens regardless of their sexual orientation but reminds them that there is still a long way to go.
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MLK Day 2012

It was 26 years ago that Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was first recognized nationally as a federal holiday. Since the initial recognition of this once controversial holiday, the nation has made several strides towards the equality that King strived for. And with the unveiling of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial as the first memorial to an African-American in Washington D.C. last year, the nation is still paying tribute to King.

By getting a day off in memory of an icon, children, adults and the elderly alike are all given a chance to celebrate all that King accomplished during his lifetime. If you decide to pay homage to the Atlanta native this year, here are several activities that you can attend with family, friends or just on your own.
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