Curiosity finds the cat

Many Atlantans abandon their comfy couch cushion and slippers to run out into the streets when they hear a drop has been made.

Georgia State Alumni, former studio art major and well-known artist, Catlanta, releases a sporadic statement about a “dropped” cat via social networks and sends eager, hopeful owners out in a scurry to find his hidden novelties.
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Atlanta Film Festival

The 2012 Atlanta Film Festival rolled out the red carpet for its premiere film, “L!fe Happens,” in what promises to be a long list of quality screenings lined up for movie goers.

Atlanta Film Festival 365 was the title of this year’s festival, showing the public that there’s more than just two weeks’ worth of films that can be taken away from the programming this year.
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Pure Wizdum: Student entrepreneur shares secret to success

In terms of finding and keeping a job, starting a business has never really been seen as the safest or reliable route for a person to take. When the unknown pressure of launching your own brand is added to the cost of living and the unstable job market, most people could give up on starting a business before they even begin, but it’s not impossible. Students throughout Georgia are thriving as entrepreneurs and their success can help other aspiring entrepreneurs as well.
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Miss Black and Gold 2011 shows off out of this world Galactic Beauties

The contestants of the Ms. Black and Gold Pageant 2011 at Georgia State University. Photo by Thaddeus Morgan

Nine contestants graced the stage as part of the 2011 Miss Black and Gold Pageant on Sunday, Nov. 6 in the Student Center Ballroom. Galactic Beauty was the theme of this year’s Miss Black and Gold Pageant where one special contestant blew the audience and judges away with her wardrobe, poise, talent, intelligence and passion for community involvement.
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GSU Players take on heavy topics in latest musical

Dancing, singing and comedy were taken on by GSU Players as part of the adult themed musical “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” Audience members were engaged and enthralled by the various topics that were introduced ranging from sexual orientation and politics to self-esteem and stress, all wrapped up in a succinct two-hour long package.
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‘Dreamer Boy Dan’ becomes a reality at Mint Gallery

In a world littered with digital tracks and mere thumbnails for cover art, Dreamer Boy Dan is a refreshing new way to experience music and artwork in a way that hasn’t been done in years. Through the intriguingly twisted minds of Brock Scott, musical composer, and Nic Rad, artist and poet, the concept that is Dreamer Boy Dan has now become a much-anticipated reality.

Dreamer Boy Dan is the story of a boy that travels through a paranormal world where he encounters several different characters along his journey. Each illustration in the book is accompanied by a poem that tells the story behind the artwork, and a soundtrack, produced by Brock Scott, sets the atmosphere for the telling of the story.
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Exclusively excused scandalous celebrities

If there’s one thing of which Hollywood hasn’t given the public a shortage, it’s celebrity scandals. Society consistently places celebrities on behavioral pedestals and holds them to standards much higher than are expected from average people. But once a celebrity’s image is tarnished, their public approval plummets instantaneously.

One of the most recent examples of a celebrity garnering passionate negative attention is Mel Gibson. Gibson’s much-loved comedic persona as the Lethal Weapon legend came to a stop as numerous answering machine tapes were leaked through RadarOnline. com, via his past girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. The tapes revealed the dark and aggressive side of Gibson, as it exposed him using as variety of expletives and offensive language, including the use of the “N word”–he told Grigorieva that if she were to be “raped by a pack of n***ers,” it would be her fault. With incidents this grievous, a celebrity’s career is most likely unable to make a full recovery.
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