Welcome to my blog! Thanks so much for checking it out. I’ll start off with a little about myself and then get into the details as to what this blog is all about. Sooo I’m a Libra…  I like turtles… But seriously, that is my sign and favorite animal. I am also an Atlanta native and a current Senior at Georgia State University majoring in Journalism and minoring in Film and Video. After one long Freshman year at Xavier University of Louisiana as a Bio major and Chem minor, I realized that maybe this wasn’t my calling because 1.) I didn’t like it and 2.) it didn’t like me, espeially in regards to my GPA. I made all A’s and B’s in my expressive courses but science was the Kryptonite to my Superman, the yang to my yin, and the Itchy to my Scratchy.

When I finished searching the depths of my soul during my Sophomore year, I realized that I loved to learn new things, writing, and keeping posted on current events, so after asking a friend, I decided that Journalism was the major for me. Right now I’m writing for my university newspaper “The Signal” and I’m a member of and a writer for the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists. Both gigs are great, but long-term I would really love to write for a major publication like USA Today or The Washington Post and I would be more than happy being an anchor for a news program. I aspire to follow in the foot steps of journalists like Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, Sway, Anderson Cooper, and Stephen Colbert. Overall, I would be happy to be given a voice in the media at all since it’s such an important part of how we live our lives, especially today with all different types of media being used on a minute-to-minute basis.

Lastly, let’s get to the meaning of my blog, From The Squares Corner. As you may or may not have noticed from my various references earlier in the blog, I am not the epitome of the “cool guy”. Just to give you an idea of my interest, I enjoy video games, inappropriate jokes, bowling very low scores, like barely double-digit. So…yea. But I’ve embraced who I am and I’m proud to be an individual. I decided to make this blog to post all most of my articles online and also post the occasional item or thing that is cool. This blog represents various ideas, beliefs, and info From the Squares (that’s me) Corner.


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