A look at the 2012-2014 Executive Board Candidates

The 2012 AABJ board candidates speak to members at general body meeting. Photo by Thaddeus Morgan

Voting for the 2012-2014 AABJ Executive Board opened after November 12th’s general body meeting. Candidates for each office made speeches and took questions from attendees. Voting is taking place online through the members-only portal, as well as in person at the December 13th general body meeting.

Clyde Anderson, Treasurer
Nominated by AABJ president, Tenisha Bell, for his financial expertise, Anderson is the founder of Financial Life Connections and a contributor for CNN. Anderson aspires to expand the reach of AABJ by keeping a transparent financial system and implementing seven new streams of income for the organization. Anderson says he wants to use the internal resources within AABJ to help the organization grow.“There are different ways for an organization like this that has so much depth, so much talent and so much ability to reach out and be creative and innovative about different ways to approach the market, different ways to build the organization and different ways to build the accounts of the organization.”

Monica Richardson, Secretary
Richardson is the beat team leader for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Richardson is running to pass on what she has taken from AABJ to others. “I owe where I am to organizations like AABJ,” she says. She plans to bring her organizational skills, professionalism, and accountability to the position. “I want to do more than take notes. I want to do more than take orders. I want to be committed to making sure we’re doing creative things for people in the industry and creative things for people and organizations within the community.” Richardson was nominated by Rashida Rawls.

Rodney Thrash, Vice President of Digital Media
Thrash, editor for Canton-Sixes Patch intends to bring executive board experience and a record of sustainability to the position. Nominated by Janita Poe, the former staff writer for the St. Petersburg Times helped resurrect the collegiate NABJ Chapter while attending Northwestern University. Recently, he co-chaired for the 2011 Pioneer Awards Ceremony. Thrash says his objective is to promote the education of newly introduced forms of media. “My goal and mission is simple,” said Thrash, “to equip you with the tools you need to thrive in this industry.”

Marcus J. Foster, Vice President of Broadcast
Foster, who currently produces the 11 p.m. news at WSB-TV, has been involved with the production of several AABJ events and programs, including the 2007 Pioneer Awards, the Scholarship Awards and the Hall of Fame Gala in Washington D.C. “This board has done a phenomenal job of creating learning sessions and programming to basically better us,” he said. “I want to continue that effort.” Foster would also like to explore possible partnerships with NABJ in order to bring more of the sessions that they hold to AABJ. Foster was nominated by Angela Robinson.

Deloris Keith, Vice President of Broadcast
Nominated by Alyssa Johnson, Keith has experience both in front and behind the camera. The Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist has over 15 years of experience. and has worked with Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting since relocating to the city. “One of the proudest moments of my career was actually at the smallest station I ever worked at,” she said. “I was hired as a programming manager, but after talking to the president of the company he realized how much news experience I had. One of his dreams was to have a faith based newscast. We were able to be really successful in starting a faith based newscast.” Keith is currently starting her own company, Midtown Media.

Eric Stirgus, Vice President of Print
Currently a reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Stirgus was nominated by Rashida Rawls based on his involvement with the AABJ Byline. Stirgus has been involved with NABJ since 1994. “I came to Atlanta looking for a job, trying to figure out what NABJ could do for me,” he says. “NABJ has done a lot for me in that time and now it’s time for me to figure out what I can do for NABJ and AABJ.” Stirgus is interested in any ideas that AABJ members may have for the organization and looks forward to the opportunity to serve the AABJ community.

Tenisha Bell, President
Tenisha Bell is an executive producer for CNN and current president of AABJ. “I am really passionate about AABJ,” she said. “I was an AABJ baby and I feel like it’s now my baby.” Bell, who was previously a member of NABJ’s Chicago chapter before moving to Atlanta, hopes to push the organization in a direction that it hasn’t been before. Under her current administration, she has proven to set and meet goals like the revival of the AABJ Byline and the Pioneer Awards. Bell was nominated by Sidmel Estes.

Published November 2011 in the AABJ Byline: “AABJ Board Candidates outline ideaas and goals”


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