Eats on the Streets: ‘Rosas’ pizza pie takes the cake

Variety and authenticity is key to enjoying the experience of dining in at Rosa’s. Photo by GSU Signal

If you’re in the mood for fast food from a local burger joint in between classes, then Rosa’s Pizza isn’t for you. But if you want an authentic, quality slice with an assortment of toppings for a great price, then you’re at the right place. After 21 years, the restaurant still manages to deliver quality pizza in a speedy and efficient way.

Variety and authenticity is key to enjoying the experience of dining in at Rosa’s. Calzones, subs, sausage rolls and salads make up the dishes available to customers, but their pizza is what brings in the droves of customers during lunchtime. With large, New York style pizza slices, Rosa’s offers more than 15 toppings to mix and match to your liking, including all the basics such as mushrooms, sausage, anchovies and pepperoni.

The prices are adffordable for even the biggest of penny pinchers on campus. Prices for slices start at $2.90 for a standard cheese topping and only increases by $0.45 for each additional topping. And for those health nuts out there, a veggie slice is only $2.90. Have your napkins handy when you’re indulging in a slice. If your hands aren’t greasy after eating your pizza, then you’re not doing it right. One slice is more than enough to satisfy a pizza fan, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself ordering two next time. If you come in and feel anxious about the large crowd standing in line, don’t be.

The staff at Rosa’s knows how to turn up the heat and keep the pace going even when they’re at full capacity. The atmosphere reminiscent of a typical Italian pizza restaurant: checkered tablecloths and a quaint environment combined with mellow background music. Rosa’s has nothing to hide. From the spinning of the dough to the cooking of the pizza in the big rustic stove in the back, their entire pizza prep happens on their wood top counter behind clear fiberglass.

Students around campus enjoy pizza options at Rosa’s “It tastes good,” Wendell Cole, a sophomore biology major, said. “I’m from New York and it’s like a New York style pizza, so I like bigger slices.” Cole had been going to Rosa’s for about three to four months but already put them as number one in terms of the restaurants on Broad Street by the Aderhold Learning Center.

Brian Longoria, a third year nursing major, ranked Rosa’s Pizza a 7 out of 10 and said the pizza was good and he would be back for more. “We split the two slice thing so it was cheaper,” Longoria said, in reference to his friend sitting at the table. “One slice is enough for me.” Rosa’s is a restaurant that offers quality New York style slices of pizza. The quick service, a!ordable menu and great taste all make it worth giving a try. All it takes is one slice and you’re hooked.

Published November 2, 2011 in The Signal: “Eats on the Streets: ‘Rosas pizza pie takes the cake'”


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