Crowd dies of laughter at Murder Mystery Dinner

When solving a murder mys­tery, not many people would expect to cry tears of laughter, but during Spotlight’s Murder Mystery dinner, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Students were treated to not only a dinner, but also a show in which the audience was the jury in a one of a kind murder mystery.

The Murder Mystery Dinner “Law and Murder” was part of the latest comedy events arranged by Spotlight. The event took place in the Student Center Ballroom at 7:30 p.m. for the fourth year in a row. A three course meal was served to a formally dressed audience at the price of $5 for students and $7 for guests. Tick­ets for the dinner were sold out, with no chair left unattended at the dinner tables

“Students look forward to at­tending the show every year, they are always excited to see who the killer is and how it was done,” as indicated by Spotlight Special Events Direc­tor, Kiersten Smith. “Join us for a 3 course meal as we try to solve the mystery behind the murder. It prom­ises to be bloody fun!”

The show began with Judge Jer­ry Lawless taking the stage and intro­ducing himself to the crowd. He gave an introduction of the accused mur­derer, widow of the deceased, and so­cialite extraordinaire, Zelda Belden. Before the event began, Beldon took it upon herself to spread her plea of innocence to the crowd. Judge Law­less then went on to introduce De­tective Gordon Roberts and District Attorney Donald Carver. These four characters helped in transitioning from one supporting character to an­other.

Zelda Beldyn was played by Lynda Whiting, a member of Random Acts - photo by Thaddeus Morgan

Characters chosen to testify ranged from the overly-affectionate Becky Kellum to the ex-boyfriend of Belden, Kenny Blade. Students also participated in the event, with the bailiff Barney Bentley and the boy band known as “The Four Busboys.”

Every participant played their part, and the audience was fully en­gaged. The actors also impressed with moments of improvisation, but the script is what really kept the au­dience’s attention. From the bouncer Crush Johnson’s comical spouting of intentional gibberish to Beldon’s law­yer repeating her signature phrase after every witness was called to the stand, “The defense has no questions at this moment.”

After all the drama, comedy, mu­sic and suspense from the actors sub­sided, every audience member was asked to decide who the murderer was using a card placed at every seat with the names of all the characters provided. After time was given for the audience to make their guesses, it was unexpectedly revealed that Belden’s lawyer, Susan Track, was the murderer.

Belden consistently kept the crowd laughing from beginning to end and was played by Lynda Whit­ing, a member of Random Acts. Random Acts is a traveling group of actors from Ohio that have been per­forming nationwide for 13 years.

For more information on Ran­dom Acts, be sure to check out their website at


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