Cinefest plans to celebrate 20th anniversary with a bang

If you’re looking for a good place to sit down and enjoy a quality film on campus for free, then consider visiting our very own campus movie theatre Cinefest. Celebrating its 20th anni­versary, the local movie theater plans on improving with the commemora­tion of their extensive history after 20 years of screening films.

Before Cinefest became the re­source that it is today, it was known as the Lyceum and opened under the spotlight board as a way for students to screen art house films on 16 mm film in Classroom South, according to Marvin Evangelista, one of the gen­eral managers of Cinefest.

However, the Lyceum made some changes to how it was run after Michael Williams, one of the founders of the theater, requested that the films be shown using 35 mm film, as was in­tended by the filmmakers.

“When Cinefest first started, they wanted to be in competition with more art houses. Nowadays, there’s more of a balance between art house and mainstream because we want to cater to a more diverse crowd–not just an exclusive crowd,” said Evan­gelista.

Cinefest will offer various events in the fall commemorating their 20 years on campus - photo by Dan Slemons

Cinefest has something very special planned in celebration of its 20 years as the premiere theater on campus, seeing as though this is the theater’s first annual celebration at all. There are also events lined up throughout the semester for students to look forward to as well.

“For the 20th anniversary we have something a little special. We are going to have a weekend showing of two films that helped to define the 90’s independent film genre. That’s why we’re going to do a film feature weekend showing of ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’,” added Evangelista.

The showing of these cult-classic films will be in hopes of drawing in not only the faculty, staff, and student body, but also general audiences as well. The films will be offered on 35 mm film, which would allow for the audience to get a higher quality of video that would be seen if it were viewed on television.

There will also be a 20th anni­versary Cinefest staff reunion to cel­ebrate the theater’s success. A rare, private screening of the film ‘Equinox’ will be shown for the reunion, but there may be public showings of the film afterwards.

“Once you work at Cinefest, you’re hooked,” said Evangelista when asked about working at Cine­fest. “This event is meant to bring us together to celebrate what Cinefest is all about.”

In addition to the 20th anniver­sary screening, Cinefest will also kick-off the fall semester with a screening of the hit film “Fast Five.” Staying true to their incorporation of classic and modern cinema, the film will be shown with a classic high-speed film.

“During that week, we are going to have a one night only screening of the original ‘Gone in 60 Seconds'”, Evangelista said. “We figured that the students that come out to see ‘Fast Five’ like good, sleek, fast cars. So why not cater to that audience and show them where that movie kind of came from?”

Published June 6, 2011 in “The Signal


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